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Friendships, Families, or Romantic Partnerships. Managing Them Can Be Challenging, But a Qualified Relationship Life Coach Make a Significant Difference.


Hi, I’m Abigail

San Francisco Based Relationship Coach specializing in Relationship and Life Coaching

Since 2007, I’ve assisted over one thousand clients on their paths to optimal well-being thriving in their relationships as a certified relationship coach in San Francisco. Rooted in a profound understanding of the whole person, complemented by diverse training, I thrive in empathetically connecting with individuals. My life’s calling is to contribute to the transformation of lives by prioritizing inward attention and fostering a connection to one’s source.

Effective Communication Strategies for Deeper Connections & Better Relationships

Abigail Bruce

Let's Transform Your Relationships Together with Expert Coaching for Lasting Connections

With expert guidance and proven strategies, discover how to overcome challenges, improve communication, and rebuild a stronger, more resilient connection. Take proactive steps towards a fulfilling and harmonious relationship journey today.

Heal, Grow, Thrive with Personalized Relationship Coaching

Relationships form the very fabric that sustains us. Whether navigating the complexities of romantic partnerships, familial ties, or friendships, each connection brings its own joys and challenges. As a relationship coach dedicated to your journey, I offer personalized guidance to help you heal from past hurts, discover new paths to personal growth, and thrive in your connections with others. 

Through empathetic listening and evidence-based techniques, we’ll explore the root causes of communication breakdowns, conflicts, or stagnant dynamics. Together, we’ll cultivate strategies tailored to your unique needs, fostering deeper understanding and resilience in your relationships.

My approach to relationship coaching integrates holistic principles and practical strategies aimed at nurturing both your emotional well-being and relational harmony. Let’s embark on this journey together, where healing, growth, and thriving in your relationships become your reality.

Guided Meditation For Healing Mind Body and Spirit

Discover Harmony Through Holistic Relationship Coaching

In the pursuit of harmonious relationships, holistic relationship coaching offers a transformative path towards balance and connection. Integrating mind, body, and spirit, this approach addresses the intricate dynamics of relationships with a focus on overall well-being. Through personalized coaching sessions, you will uncover deeper insights into communication patterns, emotional triggers, and relational dynamics. Guided by holistic principles, we will work together to cultivate empathy, foster resilience, and promote mutual understanding. Embrace this journey towards creating meaningful connections and nurturing lasting harmony in your relationships.

Some Recent Facts About Relationships

Considering these statistics, it’s evident that many couples face significant challenges in sustaining long-term relationships. 

However, with the guidance and support of a skilled relationship coach, couples can navigate these complexities more effectively. By addressing communication issues early on, learning effective conflict resolution strategies, and building resilience together, couples can increase their chances of creating a fulfilling and enduring partnership. 

My relationship coaching offers a proactive approach to relationship maintenance, empowering couples to understand each other deeply, strengthen their connection, and proactively work towards a shared future. 


Some of My Satisfied Clients Say

Abigail concocted an incredible bridal circle ceremony for me and my closest girlfriends on the morning of my wedding. This bridal ceremony made all the difference for me on my wedding day, providing plenty of grounding and a release for my nerves and emotion. She brought in the elements, the directions, chimes, and sage, and we all pulled cards and mine was Release. The striking relevance of that card was just like the poignancy of Abigail’s words and soothing voice. I loved being held by her presence and the way she led everyone to join our circle. My sister even mentioned that she was doubtful at first but found herself totally moved. Each member of the circle said a few words and also took a few moments to write notes to me, which would have been very hard to ask on my own. If you are looking for someone to lean on emotionally and spiritually in preparation for an important transition, Abigail will not disappoint. She is truly a priestess and we all absolutely need this kind of ceremony

Zoe Strominger

At the tail end of my pregnancy I started having a lot of anxiety over the childbirth would go for me, the idea of a c-section and the overall concept and scariness of a major surgery, recovery from a major surgery, and what life would look like after. I was so excited to be growing a new life, but so nervous for all the unknowns ahead. Abigail and I did a hypnobirth session a week before my baby arrived, and it was a truly magical, and total perspective shifting experience. Her voice and guided thoughts and visualizations we went through in our hour session truly shifted my perspective from nervous of the unknown, to empowered and proud of my body and all it can do, and all the wonder to come. She also recorded our session, and my husband and I listened to it not only on the car ride to the hospital the day of the baby came, but again in the hospital room pre-op, and again during our birth. It gave us such peace in a wildly unknown and otherwise stressful situation. My husband was white knuckled and nearly hyperventilating from nerves and excitement until he listened to the recording, and immediately gained such peace and grounding. I cannot thank Abigail enough for how positively she effected our childbirth experience on that special day for both my husband and I, such magic! I 1000% strongly recommend her wonderful service to anyone!! Thank you Abigail!! Abigail is truly one of a kind. During the two years I worked with her, she drove unimaginable positive change in my life. I gained a better understanding of myself and others, allowing me to navigate life's challenges and make difficult decisions. Abigail's unique ability to deeply understand and make insightful inferences beyond what is explicitly discussed sets her apart. Her spiritual approach to mental health is refreshing and powerful, providing lasting tools. I highly recommend working with Abigail for not just mental health improvement, but also for lifelong self-improvement and preservation.

Shennon O'Donnell

I had the pleasure of working with Abigail on multiple Occasions, she truly is an incredibly gifted practitioner, and such a wonderful human to be in the presence of. Her background and training is incredibly impressive. Her energy, charisma and insight are infectious, grounding, and very therapeutic. She has a way of elevating perspective and encouraging you to tap into your highest potential without spirituality bypassing what’s true for you in this moment. Her hypnosis sessions Are incredibly soothing. She puts great intention, effort, and professionalism into each session. She always follows up with a lot of detailed insight, homework, and resources to use in between meetings. If you’re going through any challenging point of your life, Or looking to level up in any area, I cannot recommend working With Abigail enough. She truly is a divine and beautiful practitioner.

Brittney Cuomo

I was struggling mightily with white coat hypertension during my pregnancy - having tried just about everything with limited success, I searched for hypnotherapists online and was drawn to Abigail's excellent reviews and holistic approach to hypnotherapy. The fact that she was a nurse practitioner gave me confidence she would fully understand my situation. From our first consultation, I was extremely impressed by how intuitive she was, and how many evidence-based strategies she offered right off the bat. I felt very confident committing to two sessions in the few weeks leading up to my due date. The sessions were wonderful - I felt like Abigail knew just what I needed, and she took a very collaborative approach to our sessions, asking me what resonated, what was working / not working. She was so easy to talk to. By the time I delivered, my blood pressure during appointments and throughout labor was perfectly normal, and I fully attribute my success to Abigail's coaching. I would highly recommend and hope to work with her again in the future!

Heather Young

I have been working with Abigail for over two years now and there are not enough words to describe how tremendous of a difference our sessions have made in my day to day life. Although I am still a work in progress, my work with Abigail and the tools she has given me have taken me from a young woman struggling with confidence, identity, depression + anxiety symptoms, and disordered eating habits, to one that is confident, strong, and empowered. Abigail incorporates spirituality, the holistic self, and life coaching tips into our sessions, targeting problems and obstacles at the root cause. Although I have made great strides in my past two years with Abigail, I can not wait to continue working with her, learning more about myself, and becoming even more equipped to take on my daily challenges. If your time and budget permits, I highly recommend working with Abigail and committing to your healing journey.

Leila Preys

Abigail is fantastic! Working with her has made me a better person. She possesses keen observation and listening skills. Her advice is actionable and effective, delivered with overwhelming compassion and empathy. Through our sessions, I gained self-awareness, honed techniques for reflection and adaptation, and found healthy balance. Her genuine and insightful commentary made our sessions enjoyable. I rarely write reviews, but I wholeheartedly recommend Abigail for her exceptional coaching. Abigail is truly one of a kind. During the two years I worked with her, she drove unimaginable positive change in my life. I gained a better understanding of myself and others, allowing me to navigate life's challenges and make difficult decisions. Abigail's unique ability to deeply understand and make insightful inferences beyond what is explicitly discussed sets her apart. Her spiritual approach to mental health is refreshing and powerful, providing lasting tools. I highly recommend working with Abigail for not just mental health improvement, but also for lifelong self-improvement and preservation.


There is a connection with Abigail as soon as you meet her. She meets you where you are and becomes a faithful companion on your journey. She has a diversity of tools to help you on this journey, the rare power of intuition, and a heart so pure and true that you cannot and will not fail.


Abigail rescued me from despair, rebuilt my confidence, and tackled my insurmountable problems. I had quit my career due to motherhood, faced financial constraints, and a difficult separation. Hopeless and helpless, she transformed my life. Today, I've rediscovered myself, found joy, a thriving business, and love. She's a miraculous guide, clear-sighted, intuitive, thoughtful, and incredibly intelligent. She illuminated my path from darkness to light. Abigail's belief in me restored my self-belief. I'm forever thankful for her support to me and my children.


Five stars for Abigail! Working with Abigail completely transformed my life. She helped me to lean into the challenges that I was facing with full faith that the light would shine even brighter once I had. If you are looking for someone to work with, I can give you a Gina Klein guarantee that working with Abigail will be an experience like no other and you will see the world through a clearer and more beautiful lens once you have


Abigail's coaching had a profound impact on my life. Despite initial doubts, her light and wisdom came into my life at the perfect time. Her holistic approach, considering all aspects of life, helped me break free from pain and resentment. Guided meditations and recordings provided solace during anxious moments. Through her guidance, I found profound happiness and peace. Abigail's transformative role in my life is irreplaceable. As a top-ranked coach in San Francisco, I wholeheartedly recommend her to those seeking healing and life coaching.


I reached out to Abigail at a time in my life when I was going through an emotional rollercoaster due to a breakup and being unhappy with my job. I was looking for a more holistic,non-traditional therapy to try and learn to deal better with my anxiety, something that I had never really been able to address properly before. I appreciate the fact that traditional medication is an option for an emergency or as part of the consult.


Meeting Abigail after a string of unsuccessful therapy experiences was a game-changer. Over the two years of working together, my life has been transformed. Initially seeking help for anxiety and spirituality, I always leave sessions feeling empowered and uplifted. Abigail's integrative approach accommodates both traditional and non-traditional methods. She equips clients with tools rather than prescribing solutions, fostering independence. Working with her has deepened my spiritual faith, shaping my outlook on life. This connectedness has brought compassion, enabling me to navigate challenges with grace. My anxiety has drastically decreased, and I credit Abigail's guidance for my progress. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking blessings in their lives.


It's great that we can do sessions over video, makes it easier to fit the therapy into one's busy schedule.But above all I can really see the progress one makes from one hypnosis sessions to the next; this is specially true if one listens to the recordings of the sessions when you need them. I´ve only been working with Abigail for a few months and I can already see the impact her support is having on improving my life. I feel blessed to have found her.


Abigail is a generous,gentle and gifted life coach who honors and celebrates those of us fortunate to have been guided by her. Like others below, I rarely write a review. But Abigail is special - she was present for me during a health challenge and using all of her gifts, expertise and training, modified our work together which initially was to navigate retirement after a long and wonderful career. I fully and happily endorse her work!


Abigail is a thoughtful, caring, and skilled provider. As a fellow nurse practitioner, I worked with her for life coaching and hypnotherapy. Her grounded and compassionate care supported me well. She offered valuable insights and evidence-based holistic interventions, including energy manipulation techniques and supplement recommendations. The hypnotherapy sessions provided immediate tranquillity, and she also helped me develop new skills for navigating life transitions with peace of mind. I highly recommend Abigail to anyone seeking holistic life coaching and support. She is exceptional in her approach.


Will Your Coaching Work For My Relationship?

Absolutely. My coaching approach is designed to address the unique dynamics of every relationship, whether you’re navigating the early stages of dating, experiencing communication challenges in a long-term partnership, or seeking to rebuild trust after conflicts. By tailoring strategies to fit your specific needs and goals, I help couples develop effective communication skills, navigate conflicts constructively, and foster deeper emotional connection. Together, we’ll work towards building a relationship that not only survives but thrives in the face of challenges.

My Relationship coaching utilizes a completely holistic approach to healing and fixing your relationships 


Overcoming Procrastination (A Path to a More Productive Life)

Did you know that relationship coaching isn’t just for troubled relationships? Many couples seek coaching to strengthen their already healthy relationships, aiming for greater fulfillment, resilience, and longevity. Coaching offers a proactive approach to enhance communication, deepen intimacy, and navigate life’s challenges together with greater understanding and harmony. Whether you’re newly committed or have been together for years, relationship coaching provides valuable tools and insights to help you build a strong, supportive partnership that grows stronger over time.

Relationship Coaching Won't Work for Our Relationship!

Think again. Relationship coaching is uniquely tailored to address the specific dynamics and challenges of every relationship, no matter the current circumstances. Whether you’re facing communication breakdowns, trust issues, or simply seeking to deepen your connection, coaching offers practical strategies and insights to help you navigate and overcome these hurdles. By focusing on personalized goals and fostering mutual understanding, coaching empowers couples to rediscover common ground, improve communication, and build a resilient partnership. Even if you feel uncertain about the future of your relationship, coaching provides a supportive environment to explore concerns, identify strengths, and work towards a healthier, more fulfilling relationship journey together.

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Whether you’re newly together or navigating long-term commitment, our newsletter equips you with the tools and knowledge to cultivate a thriving and fulfilling relationship. Join our community of couples committed to building stronger connections and sign up today to receive your first edition!


What Difference Can Coaching Make in Your Relationship?

Coaching can make a profound difference in your relationship by offering a structured and supportive approach to addressing challenges and enhancing overall dynamics. Through personalized sessions, coaching helps couples gain clarity on their individual and collective goals, identify patterns of behavior that may hinder growth, and develop effective communication strategies. 

By fostering a deeper understanding of each other’s needs, desires, and communication styles, coaching enables couples to navigate conflicts more constructively, build trust, and strengthen emotional intimacy. Moreover, coaching encourages personal growth and self-awareness, empowering each partner to bring their best selves into the relationship. This holistic approach not only addresses immediate issues but also equips couples with long-term skills to sustain a healthy, fulfilling relationship over time. Whether you’re looking to reignite passion, resolve conflicts, or simply deepen your connection, coaching provides the tools and support needed to foster a relationship where both partners can thrive together.

I want every couple to have:

How Can I Start?

With a deep commitment to fostering healthy and fulfilling relationships, I specialize in providing personalized relationship coaching that empowers individuals and couples to overcome challenges and strengthen their bonds. Whether you’re facing communication breakdowns, trust issues, or simply seeking to enhance your connection, I am dedicated to guiding you towards a relationship that thrives.

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