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Let's get you aligned, empowered and evolving.

With my diverse set of coaching and tools, I aim to customize your experience so we can target your greatest challenges while growing your strengths and gaining your own self-care tool kit.

Whether you’re looking to reduce stress or develop a deeper spiritual connection, we will create a program to achieve your life goals.
Wellness coaching session Offering ( Wellness coaches USA)
Empowerment and alignment through wellness coaching (Wellness coaches USA)
Holistic Mind Body Wellness by Abigail Bruce

Whether you're familiar with just one (or none!) of these tools or are an advanced "student" of wellness, I will always work with you at your level of comfort and understanding.

Understanding the coaching and holistic nursing approach

A coach is a professional who supports, empowers, and challenges individuals to help them realize their personal and professional goals. The coaching relationship is a partnership relying on a high level trust and connection between coach and client. The coach helps the client clarify their own agenda and supports them in creating and following through on a strategy to achieve their goals. - International Coaching Federation

Holistic nursing is a medical profession where the nurses are dedicated to offering whole person care. Rather than treating a specific issue, holistic nurses look at the patient from a different perspective and examine their lifestyle for hints on how to improve their overall health and wellness. Whole person nursing practice and integrative focus into other areas are key in holistic nursing. Nurses with holistic processes adhere to scientific principles and the modern standards of care but often draw from a combination of Eastern and Western healings and philosophies to address health of the body, mind, and spirit. By encouraging self-care, holistic nurses empower their patients to find new ways to maintain their health and foster a stronger connection to their bodies through a variety of holistic wellness-based practices.

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