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sisterhood is powerful ( sisterhood community )

Queens Council: Sisterhood Is Powerful

Women and sisterhood community has existed since the beginning of time. It is seen in very culture, every nation, whether publicly or in secrecy. By forging ties with our fellow feminine counterparts, we bring forth strength, love, and power that can create positive movements that can bring abundance within the community.  It is not that any woman is weak as an individual, but when we unite as one, we can bring forth seismic shifts that can uplift the world.

With a collective sisterhood community, we can nurture friendships, unite hearts and brilliant minds to empower one another, cultivate a success mindset and launch initiatives that will make our lives and our world a better and more loving place.

In this 21-century, we are no longer restricted by past stigmas and can finally create our destiny with true intention. By adopting technologies and tapping into our network, we can more readily create powerful support platforms, establish communications and launch programs that can produce impactful results for individuals and the society at large. As such, I would like to invite you to join The Queen’s Council.

Why Join The Queen’s Council 

The Queen’s Council is a forum for women to forge the bonds of sisterhood while they learn to shift from unconscious ways of living to being empowered and self-determined in their life choices.  Led and facilitated by Abigail Bruce (Carvalho), members of The Queen’s Council will learn how to reframe their current status to give voice to their dreams, develop self-compassion, and finally take charge of their future with mindfulness and powerful intentions.

By joining The Queen’s Council, you are tapping into a rich source of support from like-minded women who are ready to create supportive friendships, foster positive transformation and find renewal in their body, mind, and soul. It does not matter if you are single, married, a career mom or a retiree, there is a role for everyone at The Queen’s Council. This is an intimate circle to share ideas, seek guidance and most importantly, a place to help one another become the best version of ourselves.

The Queen’s Council is a video-based social networking coaching group, connecting members for regular monthly gatherings through a seamless and borderless platform. Wherever you are based, the group is just one click away.

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